“Be enthusiastic about your decision. It’s YOUR decision! Reach, seek, risk! Don’t ever stop. Follow your thoughts and don’t listen to others. It’s your life and you’ll get it…you can do it!” – Sirleny Rodrigues Garcia

It is funny how the people that we think will enthusiastically embrace our dreams, don’t – and the people that we thought wouldn’t, do. It is those people who put the biggest damper on us, because we weren’t expecting them to be one. We thought that they would join us on the passion train and want to be a part of it. That is why it is critical that we don’t listen to them, because they can have a powerful influence on us and bring all our doubts and fears screaming “I told you so”.

It has really made me think about how I react when someone tells me of a new dream. In the past it wasn’t so much that I downplayed their dreams as unachievable or not valid, but rather in the back of my mind was the thought that here is one more thing that they won’t finish or accomplish. I would think of them as niche switchers. These are people who every month are changing their business model to something new. Now that for the first time I have a passionate vision, (which really means that the vision has me!) what I realize is that one of two things is happening – either they are allowing those close to them to cause them to stop, or they haven’t yet found that one thing that they would leave everyone behind in order to accomplish.

So what I now think about is helping them to either fully embrace their visio, not letting anyone tell them not to risk it. Or to seek it more powerfully – what I notice is that each new version of themselves falls around the same general principal. So I think that they just haven’t expanded their vision big enough. They are still playing it safe around what they think that they can do, and they need to blow that vision up into it’s impossible, and then accept that it is possible. That is when the vision gets them, and they can get behind it, and go out and learn how to make it happen. That is when the magic happens. Enthusiasm will fire up the engines and there won’t be any stopping or switching, just full steam ahead! We can do it!

Sheryl Silbaugh

I am married with 4 grown children who are all married and currently have 14 grandchildren and two great granddaughters. I work fulltime as a Director at Bank of America and I am the founder of LemonadeMakers.org, which is a website and Facebook page dedicated to personal transformation and growth. We all have life's lemons show up in our life, this website helps us to make them into lemonade.