You can't dream when you are struggling to survive

This one hits home for me. When I was 13 yrs old, my mom left my stepdad for another man. We moved from San Jose where we lived in a three bedroom home and used the garage as a fourth bedroom into a motel room with one bedroom which was my moms. There were seven kids who slept in the living room. All we had was the clothes we could fit into a pillow case.

We were surviving on welfare food, which wasn’t sufficient to last the entire month. Then my mom’s new boyfriend disappeared and we could no longer afford the rent. My mom started bringing back to our place men she picked up in bars in order to pay for the motel room. When that wasn’t enough we moved to a campground. We were homeless for several months while she reconciled with my step father and they saved to get us into a new home.

So this tagline, that you can’t dream when you are struggling to survive is something that I can totally understand – I was in that place.

This documentary takes a fresh look at public housing, something that maybe we could have turned to if such a thing had been available.

It is nice to see Jewel involved, and I hope that her celebrity can help in bringing awareness to the housing issue for those living at or below poverty level.

The film makers stories have won Emmys, been used by the world’s largest brands, and have made a real difference in the world. They believe that, with story, we can guide hearts and move minds. I hope that is true, because far too many families like ours fall between the cracks. No child should have to go to bed hungry or wonder where they will be sleeping the next night.

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Sheryl Silbaugh

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