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In December we look back at what we’ve accomplished. In the end, it isn’t about completing goals, it’s about the changes we made this year. While I have some things that I would like to finish in December, what I am proud of is that I have grown so much this past year in fine tuning who I want to be in this life. Thanks goes out to all of you for being in my life with all of your great ideas and encouragement.

7 Signs You Are Now on Track

7 Signs You Are Now on Track

1. An abundance of energy                                                                                                  2. Vibrant health                                                                                                                       3. Memory genius                                                                                                                  4. Experiencing time warps                                                                                                     5. Feeling positive and upbeat                                                                                                6. Magnetic attraction                                                                                                             7. Natural high


From the Gratitude Log today I got the quote: “Aim for a 1% improvement every single day.” Thinking about this reminds me that we look at a change that we want to make and get overwhelmed by the entirety of it. But 1% is a very small number and we can do that. So if I lose 1% of the weight that I want to lose each week, I can acheive that goal much easier than thinking about the whole enchilada!

Keep It Simple

Remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid)? Why do we make our challenges so big that we think we need to be rescued? Usually the solution is more simple than we want to believe. Is it because we like the drama of a complicated burden ridden life? Do we crave validation, sympathy and the big rescue? Throw that thinking in the trash & here is to the simple life!


Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side write down all of the reasons why you haven’t yet accomplished this years goals. On the other side write down all of the reasons why you can accomplish your goals. Until the “can” list exceeds the “can’t” list you won’t achieve those goals. Build up that small inner voice to drowns out the negative voice and you will be successful.


To place your dreams before a crowd is to risk rejection. To try achieve that dream risks failure. If we don’t take risks, then we do, have & become nothing. We take on the even greater risk of having a half lived life in despair. Without taking the risk we cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love or live. Isn’t it better to try & fail, than to say I was going to but (fill in the blank with your current excuse)?


People who tell you that your dream can never come true only see what exists now, not the possibility of what may be. That exists in your mind and soul, and you can create its reality. Honor your vision. Go for your goal. Your dream may change along the way, but that is because we are changing as we grow our vision even larger as we grow ourselves.

Next Level

4 reasons to move to the next level of accomplishments: You have not yet tapped the talents given to you. You want to leave something more for your children. You want to live life rather than let life live you. You want to do what makes YOU happy.


When people put boulders in your path, walk around, over, under, or just get your steam shovel out and push it out of your way. Don’t postpone your goals or just sit there in the road contemplating the boulder. Don’t postpone one hour of your life. Just keep moving in the direction of your goals.


This year, I want to say no, more often, and not feel guilty, and say yes, more often, and not feel embarrassed.


Recipe to make a dream come true: take your curiosity, confidence, courage, constancy, and confidence – add in belief and don’t just lightly stir, but believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably then bake until done.


Goals, are my view of the future. A fear is a goal moving in the opposite direction from my desire. I am motivated to do three things today to attain the rewards of tomorrow Motivation is an inner force that compels behavior. Your inner drives will propel you further and faster than external perks. Motivation is motive in action. It is not time management that gets things done, it is self management!

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