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The true moment of awakening is when the dreams that we hold for ourselves match up to the dreams that the universe has for us. At that moment we become wired to win and our dream cannot die.


What about the idea that passions are born with us, and at the same time they are bigger than us? Maybe that is what scares us sometimes – the concept of playing fullout for something that is bigger than you. Kind of like getting into the harness on the zip line and kicking out from the ledge – a little scary, but afterwards you are glowing from the thrill of the ride!


Do you feel that you’re “just making it through your life”? Remember when you were young & you were going to visit your favorite relative – that joyful excitement? Feel that energy sing in your veins? Notice the vibration difference? What can you do to create joyful excitement in your life? I am visioning I am a supergirl. I always wanted to fly, maybe save the day for Batman!

Inspired Action

Self confidence is the result of a successfully survived risk. Your purpose is never complete and there are two kinds of action – obvious action and inspired action – I love inspired action because it floats you up to the next level.


Words dance on my soul; they lift me up so I can soar without wings; choosing just one is like being told I can only have one dessert off the cart when I want them all.

If you look at the boundaries of your life, you will find that the fence is made of fear. This keeps you from stepping out of your comfort zone. Step out into the world to find the next best expression of you. Say yes to life, to your dreams becoming a reality.

One Day

I have learned that the Lord didn’t do it all in one day, so what makes me think that I can or that if I don’t, I am failing? It’s all about “self love” and telling my inner mean girl to stop being so unrealistic.

First Step

Don’t be a member of the “I am always getting ready to live, but never living” club. Success comes when we begin to pursue it. You don’t have to have all of the answers today. You just need to get a clear idea of your goal. Break it down into parts and start on one part today. Don’t procrastinate. Make it a habit to take some small action each day. Take that first step right now!


Time isn’t money, time is just a resource to make money. Focus on your goals, your action plans and not on how little time you have left to get it done. Surround yourself with positive people and you can achieve your dreams and become weathly without that being your true focus. Remember that true wealth is a combination of mind, body and spirit, not just money. It’s not the destination … it’s the journey.


When we need to make a decision in our lives, we usually choose between this or that. We stop looking when we reach two choices and then we miss out on making the best decision. There are a lot of grays between black and white, put some new shades in your life by going for what you really want, instead of compromising. You deserve better than what you have been settling for.