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Listening between the pauses to what isn’t being said in a conversation can be as important as what is being said. Sometimes our friends and family want to ask for help, but they don’t know how. How wonderful when we can pick up on it and help them out. Listen for the pauses and respond to unasked prayers of others.

Helping Hands

People know when you are honestly reaching out wanting to help. The world needs helping hands, not critics. Instead of complaining, find something positive to say to do that will make somebody have a better day. Today I help you and tomorrow, you help me, and together we help someone else and pretty soon the whole world has changed to a better place!


How does your day unfold? From overwhelm and committing to things that you were talked into doing, a place of current pain or crisis, a constant fire drill? Or do you operate from a place of passion, where you design your day in harmony with your goals? Are you able to say “no” to the requests which take you off your goals? Success means balancing our days with purpose driven goals and relaxing with friends & family.


If you go shopping or to a restaurant today, surprise someone by heaping great big piles of praise and compliments on them instead of complaining. You’ll make their day, week, and probably their month. They will go home in a good mood. So the families will be happier, in fact the whole world could be happier, and all because instead of just saying thank you, you raised their vibration by truly appreciating what they do.

Extra Mile

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile”

This goes along with taking the road less traveled. I am definitely a believer of going the extra mile and I wish for you to come along with me! It’s a magical place of dream & goal fulfillment, where you discover that the real benefits come from the journey, & how it has changed you.


How would your relationship to life change if you stopped asking, “Why is this happening to me?” and instead started asking, “In what ways might this be happening for me?”

Just read this and wanted to share a neat way to get us out of the drama and back into the positive


Just read that that Burt Reynolds & Clint Eastwood were both released from acting contracts from a major studio years ago. Burt was told he couldn’t act and Clint was told that he would never make it because his Adam’s apple was too big. Never let the naysayers tell us we can’t live our dreams. No one remembers the naysayers name, but we all know who those two actors are and they have earned millions following their dreams.


I just heard that the definition of success is “do the next thing” – isn’t that great?Just do the next thing and you are a success!

Inner Music

The impact that a single life can have upon a multitude, is something that each of us can make; share the knowledge that we learn and reemploy the money that we earn; we want a quality of life, not a lifestyle; and learn to copy how someone else does it until we grow to the point that we can express our own inner music.


Who we are and how we handle life’s changes impacts hundreds to thousands of people. I know that my mother and my mother in-law inspired me on how to handle cancer and death with dignity, grace, and unbelievable courage. How I handle changes in my life can in turn inspire others. Just being aware of this will help me to be an inspiration and not a warning of what not to do.

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