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“Set your sights high – the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.”- Eileen Caddy –

I remember how after my nephew was killed and my sisters nonprofit that she had started fizzled out, that I saw a way that I could reach out and make a difference, in helping the small nonprofits that get started every year to be more successful.

Like many of us, I saw myself creating something small. I would start a small consulting service, and figured that I would lobby corporations to pay my fees, as I helped the nonprofits fill in the missing pieces. I hired a branding company to help me figure out what my brand was. We spent three days (one on one) doing nothing but working on what I was creating, what it would be called, and what the brand would be.

As they worked with me they said “Sheryl you are playing way too small – don’t you see what you really have is a reality T.V. show? “As we talked it through I realized that they were absolutely right! I did have one, and my sights were expanded beyond anything that I would have thought possible.

I think that all of us do that. We get a glimpse of our vision, the purpose that we are here to do. And we pack it tightly in a small doable box. That way we think (subconsciously) we can accomplish this thing. Any bigger and it might fail. We play it safe.

Seeing the vision through their eyes I saw that we could showcase local small profits, and show how they too could expand their vision of what was possible. I realized all of the wonderful things we would accomplish when people in the their local communities joined hands to help them. This was a change the world idea and vision. It took my breath away to think that this was my vision.

I knew that this was a tremendous leap for me. This was literally like going to the moon. I had no idea how to even start. I didn’t have a database, or following. My career in the banking industry had nothing to do with a T.V. show. I knew no one in that field that I could even ask questions of. I had limited funds with which to accomplish this. But now that my eyes had been opened to seeing the possibilities of what this vision could accomplish there was no going back. That box was in the recycle bin and I was going for the moving truck – extra large load.

I started doing things that I knew I could do. I started networking to build a database. I worked with BraveHeart Women to develop the website. I hired a VA to help with social media and got that part up and running. Each month I started something that I could do to build up towards the goal of having a reality T.V. show.

Very soon the website will be launched. I have grown a following of close to 1,000 men and women, and everyone that I talk to about LemonadeMakers gets very excited about the wonderful things that we will be doing. The plan is to grow the site to help the nonprofits and when we reach several success stories to begin marketing our reality T.V. show.

There truly is nothing that has ever gotten in my way during this journey so far, other than myself. I am living in this space of knowing that anything is possible, and that LemonadeMakers is a world changing idea whose time has come.

I know that all of you came here with a vision. I encourage you to look at what you think that vision is about, and then talk with others about it. See the vision through someone else’s eyes and watch it grow into the vision that it truly is. You didn’t come here to play small. You came here to light the world on fire.

Set your sights higher than you think you can leap.

Expect the most wonderful possibilities and don’t let “you” or anyone or anything get in your way.

Miracles happen every day.

Expect miracles and they will happen for you too.


This a great song that was just shared with me. I love the lyrics and she does a wonderful job singing the spirit of the song. Amazing young woman and it inspires me to see young people like Willow and my granddaughter Trina Grubb recognizing so many things that it took me years to see.


“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – Gail Devers – Three-Time Olympic Champion in Track and Field

I was talking with several women whom I consider to be my sisters. We were discussing the vibrational energy underlying words. Sometimes the words themselves carry a distinct vibration of positive or negative energy. Sometimes it isn’t the words themselves that carry the vibration, but the meaning that is given to them by the speaker, which seems to raise or lower the vibration by the power of the passion of the speaker.

The word “hope” may seem to be a positive word, but in fact because of the “maybe” energy vibration of it, we can feel a negative vibration. “Try” in this quote seems to me, to be very similar in having a underlying current of negativity, in that there is a “maybe” trailing along the vibration of the word.

“I will give it a try, maybe it will work, probably not”. Can’t you just picture Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh saying that line?

Then there is the famous Yoda quote “no trying, do or not do”.

So when I read this quote I realized that I didn’t feel a “maybe” energy in her quote. What I felt was a curiosity – could I accomplish this? What would it look like? What things would I have to try? What have others done to try and accomplish this? Could I look at this in a different way? Sort of like she found something that she didn’t recognize, and was looking at it from different directions, trying to see what it might be used for.

Since Gail is a Three Time Olympic Champion in her sport, she obviously brought a powerful “I can do this” attitude to her sport. She wasn’t defeatist in any manner, or she wouldn’t have been a “Three Time” winner – and defeatist is the attitude that we normally attach to the word “try”. So her energy, beliefs, and her vibration move the normal energy of the word “try” up the vibrational scale to a new height.

It is interesting to feel into the vibration of the words that you use. If they carry a negative vibration, people will respond in a “pushing” you away manner without realizing why. They subconsciously sense the undertone vibration of what you are saying and it feels uncomfortable.

When watching others talk, feel into the vibration of the conversation. See where someone is “needing” something. Where there might be “convincing” going on, or outright manipulation. This is totally different energy than sharing about something wonderful in your life, and asking for someone to celebrate the accomplishment in an energy of joy and celebration.

Once you can see the energy of the conversation from when others are speaking, it becomes easier to begin seeing it in yourself. I am sure that someone has talked with you in the past, and then mid-sentence they stopped themselves and said wait – that isn’t the right word, and then searching in their mind, they find the word that matches the vibration of the story they are telling. They may or may not realize it, but they have learned to communicate in the energy vibration of what the story they are telling demands.

What this does is it allows you to change the energy of any conversation back into a positive vibration, whenever you notice that it has dipped into the lower negative energy patterns. People are drawn to others who uplift the energy of the conversation.

So don’t be an Eeyore in with your word choices. Instead choose the words you use wisely, always looking to raise your own vibration. Changing yourself, changes the world around you.


So many times we see that things around us and just not working and that we are failing to help those in our lives. This man, didn’t just shrug his shoulders and blame the system; he didn’t just shrug his shoulders and say if the experts don’t know how to fix this, then what can I do.
Instead he made a change, and the change, the change changed everything.



New Truth

If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance. – Orville Wright – 1871-1948, Inventor and Aviation Pioneer

I find that (for me) the secret to testing what I believe to be true is reading about everything I can get my hands on. Every truth changes as I grow and change. That’s because each piece of knowledge becomes a building block expanding the rooms that I store all of my knowledge in. I get better views of things as the pieces form a new vista to look upon and discover something new around every corner, in every nook and cranny.

The number of inventions and records that have been broken were because someone didn’t believe it couldn’t be done are too numerous to mention. The Wright Brothers plane is just one of thousands. But it isn’t just inventions or sports records that are made that make this thought true. It is also in how we live our day to day lives.

I have learned different ways of thinking from the experiences that I have had as well as the experiences that others have had in their lives; how their truths intersect with mine and how there are threads in their history that match up to the threads in mine. They may have taken the pattern in a different direction, learned something fundamentally different than I did. They may even have different memories of something that we experienced together.

That doesn’t make their memory wrong, or them wrong or right in how they handled the experience. It is just different. Their pattern served them in some way, just as mine did. What I have learned though is that those patterns while serving me in some ways, have not served me in others. What I have learned is to let go of the attachment to my pattern. When I traced the threads of the pattern back to the beginning, I see where it has served me, and where it has caused myself and others pain.

A few years ago I told a story in a class up on stage about a defining moment in my childhood. I told a story about my mother when I was 13 yrs old and we were homeless. There was something that happened during that defined me as a person, with my vowing that I would never put my own family into the situation that we had devolved into through a series of bad choices my mother made.

The positive threads of this pattern were that I became very successful in a banking career. The negative aspect of this pattern was that unconsciously, I had made my husband feel that he wasn’t needed to provide for me or our family. It wasn’t until I told that story that I realized what I had done. It wasn’t intentional but it was an aspect of the pattern that I was living in up until that moment. Once I saw what I had done I had a long heart to heart conversation with my husband, and he said the most amazing thing – he said, “I loved you so much that I figured that I could live with it, just to have you in my life.”

I let go of the attachment to this truth that I had lived my life by. In your life, there are patterns that you are unconsciously living. If you are brave enough, you can trace the pattern back to the childhood experience(s) that created it. You can find in your life places in your life where it served you, and places were it didn’t. You can even realize as I did, that you can let go of that attachment and expand into a new truth.

We don’t have to accept life as it is, we can grow and make life different. We can expand our knowledge and wisdom and let go of the old truths and welcome in the new truths that are from love, trust, and gratitude. My son Joe when he was little had a pair of rain boots that he loved. Even when he outgrew them he would shove his feet into them and wear them. I would hide them (because I was saving them for his younger brother) and he would find them and put them on. I finally had to give them away, to keep them from hurting his feet. Don’t be like my son, and keep shoving your life into those boots who served you, but now you have outgrown them. Let go of the attachment, and accept a new truth or two into your life.

There are no limits, no can’ts, but there are unlimited possibilities and yes’s. We have an acronym with my BraveHeart Sisters “WEIP” – what else is possible? If you live life from that space, then you will advance forward confidently in the knowledge that yes, anything really is possible – even a new thought or truth (or in the case of Joe a new pair of rain boots)