Seasons Change, People Change; A Year Changes You A Lot

_The tree of your passion, your life purpose, grows only as much as the roots of your beliefs. The%2The distance between your dreams and reality is called action.  Desire to transform is what gets us started.  The secret to action is doing just one small thing each day to further the dream into reality.  The secret to success in found in having a daily routine in which you insert those small steps.  Determination is what helps us build momentum, to keep going as the path takes us up a steep hill.  Sometimes that means we let go of less important things. 

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

  –  Socrates

Remember the wagon train days.  They loaded their wagons with all of the belongings they couldn’t bear to let go of.  Along the trail to Oregon, you found the landscape littered with such items that became too heavy of a load to continue to carry.  Sometimes it means we learn to do something differently.  We all have good intentions.  We set intentions to accomplish our dreams.  But many times hoping and setting those intentions isn’t enough.  You need to be committed to bringing those dreams into reality.  You need to be faithful with your actions to back up that commitment.  Dedication is how we continue.  

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. 

  –  Steve Prefontaine

What is currently happening in our life, is a reflection of our past choices.  Releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us, is like cleaning up the gutters on our roof.  If we want the water to drain correctly, then the gutters need to be cleaned of all of the debris that has been deposited into them.  If we don’t, they won’t work correctly, and the water collected from the rain will drip all over, instead of being channeled down the drain spout.  Everything in your life currently is a result of choices.  The people in our lives, our career, the home we live in, the car we drive.., they were once a choice of something that we wanted, needed, or desired to have. 

Seeing things from a higher perspective causes you to experience sudden bouts of stunning clarity – you understand that everything that’s ever happened in your life played out exactly as it was supposed to.

  –  Stephen J. Hopson

The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.

  –  Anthisthenes

For years I told myself that I would write when the kids were in school; then it was when the kids were out of the house; then it was when I would retire – then I would have the time to write.  I kept putting off my dreams, not because there wasn’t time.  That was the lie that I told myself.  It was because I was afraid that what I wrote wouldn’t be worth reading.  Who was I to think that I had some kind of talent?  Publishers would reject my stories.  No one would want to read what I put on paper.  I had to realize for myself that at some point, later would never happen. 

 Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

  –  Maya Angelou

I had to realize for myself that the words in my head telling me I would be a failure, were not true.  That the voice in my heart telling me I could do this, was the one that I should listen to.  That my personal transformation started with a transformation of my inner voice.  I would no longer allow it, to make me feel small and unworthy.   I might have a learning curve, it might take time to go from a beginner to a master, but if I kept putting myself into action, I could do this. 

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

  –  Helen Keller

There are no limits.  There are only plateaus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

  –  Bruce Lee

It is our fears that create limitations in our lives.  My fear of failure and being laughed at, created the limitation of not enough time.  Everything that happens for us, can be transformed into something of value.  Now my fear of success has me dragging my heels, because I know if I am as successful with writing as I think that I can be, that once again everything in my life will shift and change.  Some of those changes I may not like, and I can’t see how all of the moving parts of my life will continue to fit in that new space.  What will it require me to give up? 

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.

  –  Joseph Campbell

There just comes a time when those thoughts of holding on tightly to everything in your life, are just too heavy.  When there is no other choice but to let go, and let God.  When the compass points in only one direction, the cave you are afraid to enter, because you know what you will find in there.  You will be laid bare with no more excuses; and you will have to own who you are. and do something about it.  That time is now.  If not now, then when?  When the time is all spent, and there is none left? 

Let today be the day you love yourself enough to no longer just dream of a better life; let it be the day you act upon it.

  –  Steve Maraboli

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

  –  Sir Edmund Hillary

Focus on the good that will be gained. Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers.  They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you.  They don’t let you play small with your life.  These heartbeats are your people.  These people are your tribe.  This is the tribe of LemonadeMakers. 

There is more in us than we know.  If we can be made to believe it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.

  –  Kurt Hahn

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Sheryl Silbaugh

I am married with 4 grown children who are all married and currently have 14 grandchildren and two great granddaughters. I work fulltime as a Director at Bank of America and I am the founder of, which is a website and Facebook page dedicated to personal transformation and growth. We all have life's lemons show up in our life, this website helps us to make them into lemonade.