Shine The Light Of Your Soul To Live To Your Highest Potential

When we are clear in heart and mind…, only then shall we find courage to surmount the fear which haunts our world – Albert Einstein

I tend to get an idea of something I need to work on/with.  Then it percolates in my brain, and I start attracting thoughts and ideas.  The things I read in books or emails, from dreams, and the conversations I have with others.  Then one day the brain has gathered enough material to put together a post.

Recently I was reading an email from “Tanya – Sistership Circle” on being a Warrioress (Wonder Woman) Archetype.  She talked about how the word Warrioress is given an incorrect meaning for most of us, in that we think of a warrior as being in battle in a war.  Not necessarily so.

It is about being courageous enough to welcome failure on the trail of success.

It is about having the strength to blaze the trail, instead of following behind others.

It is about living a life of conviction and, 

being able to bounce back with resilience when it doesn’t work out the way you wanted.

It is about cleaning up our vision so that we have clarity, instead of chaos…

It is about taking action and breaking down the patterns of self-sabotage,

that keep you from your brilliant potential.

It is about being humble in the truest sense of the word

(That does not mean disparaging your gifts/talents).

It is about living a life of P’s – Purpose, Passion, Persistence,

and persevering even when the road gets rough.

It is about being independent, AND living with community,

because it takes a village to raise us up (even when we are adults).

There are actual studies that prove when you stand with your feet spread out and your hands on the hips (Wonder Woman Pose) that it actually makes you confident.  In June 2012 Amy Cuddy gave one of the most watched Ted talks of all time, “Your body language may shape who you are” in which she states that simply holding this pose for one minute causes your body chemistry and your behavior to change.

Now there is some controversy over her study, but I am of the belief that I can make statistics say whatever I want them to.  How many times have you seen studies which contradict each other? Such as bacon (or any other food) is bad for and then another that states it is good for you?

There is no accounting for the belief of the mind healing the body of diseases.  So, think positive and get up and stand like a superhero!

Do not wait to find courage, it will find you when you take your first steps forward – Mari Huertas

Confidence will help you to break out of the fears that are holding you back.  Every single person reading this post has told someone about something that they want to accomplish.

Speaking for myself, I have had a goal that I have been working towards now for a few years.  In fear I keep telling myself that I am not yet ready to do it.  I procrastinate, thinking that there is something else I have to learn how to do.  Fear of failure keeps me running the never-ending hamster wheel of something I am still missing.

It is like building a bridge across a chasm.  You need supports to come up from the bottom of the valley, or from the sides of the ravines.  You need wood or stone materials to build with.  You need a way to nail, screw or cement the structure together.  You might need plans from an engineer.  Then people to help you build it.  All of this comes together before you even start the structure.

Then there are the financial components that need to be in place to pay for the land you are building on, the materials and the labor to do it.  Now with all of these moving parts it can be overwhelming as fear sets in.

Fear of failure or success.  Fear of looking foolish.  Fear of starting and not being able to complete the structure because of lack of money, materials, or manpower.  So many fears creep into you, that you keep making lists and looking for what else you might need.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading – Lao Tzu

Have you ever noticed that if you look at something more than a second when you are driving down the road, that your vehicle starts to go in that direction?  If what you are looking at in life, is not what you want in your life, you need to change direction.

You will end up where you are putting your focus.  This is how fear becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy.  We are attracting the bad we don’t want to happen, because it is what is filling up our thoughts.

Part of being human is accepting that you are imperfect, you do have flaws, you do have dysfunction in your life.  You can, however, take responsibility to do better and be better.  You do better when you accept your failures and work on changing those dysfunctions.  You do have rough edges in your personality. You can rub others the wrong way.

My family has a habit of teasing everyone, especially friends and family.  We tease everyone.  And I have taken that teasing a bridge too far.  So, it is my responsibility to realize when I have, apologize and make it right.  It is my responsibility to be more aware of who and how I tease others.  To make sure it never ever crosses over from love to malice (which can happen in a moment of being triggered).

It is your responsibility to determine if your own rough edges need to be sanded down, and if so, to make those changes. It isn’t your responsibility to help someone else sand down their own rough edges.

May your heart be brave, and your soul have courage, while you travel your path to greatness – Amara Honeck

If you have a door that sticks for example, you can do several things:  You can push and shove it to open and close it.  You can let it warp, bend the hinges, damage the door handle and just let it deteriorate until it no longer functions or falls apart.  Or you can fix it.

Maybe it just needs a little planning on the top, bottom or sides where it is rubbing.  Maybe it needs a new door handle, or the hinges replaced?  Maybe you just need to repair the frame itself.  Bottom line is that you can fix it, or let it get worse.  Change it or let it be.

Whenever you think that you are in fear, then it is time to awaken your heart.

Whenever you think that you are all alone, it is time to awaken your heart.

When you are in the space of love, it widens out your awareness of life around you.  Love helps you to connect every aspect of your life and your purpose.  Love awakens and kindles anew your passion for life.  For why you are here now in this space and time.

Acting out of love in any situation takes your intentions to the highest heights.  You discover in that space of love, the peace and acceptance of what is.  You can see clearly the way to act upon your good intentions.

Love roots out fear.  Living with a heart, soul, spirit of love you can fully encompass your highest potential.  You can be fabulous!

Sheryl Silbaugh

I am married with 4 grown children who are all married and currently have 14 grandchildren and two great granddaughters. I work fulltime as a Director at Bank of America and I am the founder of, which is a website and Facebook page dedicated to personal transformation and growth. We all have life's lemons show up in our life, this website helps us to make them into lemonade.