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Goals, are my view of the future. A fear is a goal moving in the opposite direction from my desire. I am motivated to do three things today to attain the rewards of tomorrow Motivation is an inner force that compels behavior. Your inner drives will propel you further and faster than external perks. Motivation is motive in action. It is not time management that gets things done, it is self management!


“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.” —Lou Holtz – I am starting my second half and I am doing the things I always dreamed about doing.


“It is not who you think you are that holds you back, it is who you think that you are not.” Unknown – dream; d is for daring to dream; r is for relentless pursuit of the dream; e is for excellence in what you do; a is for abandoning the alternative and sticking to the dream and m is for measuring your progress towards your dreams.


I believe that each of us has potential that we haven’t come close to realizing; that we are more intelligent than we think & that we are more creative than we can imagine. I believe our greatest achievements lie ahead of us & the happiest moments of my life are still to come. I believe through learning & applying what I am learning, I will be able to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle & achieve my goals!

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