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Excuses won’t bring you anything of value. Change your “if only” into an “I will.” “I will make better use of my time, work on improving my career, nurture my relationships.” Take a chance. Have faith & your circumstances will improve when you make the effort to improve them. Start where you are right now. Stop wishing & make it happen! – Les Brown


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

Never Alone

Sometimes we have those days, seemingly forever moments when we feel down and don’t want to continue this life. I hope that everyone of my friends and family know that you are never alone. This song is beautiful and the video is perfect – love you all and know that you are never alone.



When we allow our self imposed limitations to stop us from living our dreams, it is like being hypnotized on a stage with a magician who has told us that we are trapped in a walled room with no windows or doors. Looking at you walking around the imaginary walls trapped, the audience is amazed that you don’t just walk out of your illusions. So I ask you what false illusions are stopping your from living your dreams?


Michael Bernard Beckwith had the thought that our NOT living up to our potential could be holding up the evolution of the universe. I thought about this in regards to the tipping point. Our getting “it” and living up to “it” could be the tipping point that lifts the whole world. Never think that what we do won’t make any difference.


Listening between the pauses to what isn’t being said in a conversation can be as important as what is being said. Sometimes our friends and family want to ask for help, but they don’t know how. How wonderful when we can pick up on it and help them out. Listen for the pauses and respond to unasked prayers of others.


“The slate’s been wiped clean, the past has released its grip, and before you sparkles eternity, yearning for direction. All that lies between you and the life of your dreams is just one teeny, tiny, gentle, little rule. Only one condition, prerequisite, principle that matters… This caveat of all caveats is that absolutely nothing can be anything until it is first imagined.” – Mike Dooley

Helping Hands

People know when you are honestly reaching out wanting to help. The world needs helping hands, not critics. Instead of complaining, find something positive to say to do that will make somebody have a better day. Today I help you and tomorrow, you help me, and together we help someone else and pretty soon the whole world has changed to a better place!


How does your day unfold? From overwhelm and committing to things that you were talked into doing, a place of current pain or crisis, a constant fire drill? Or do you operate from a place of passion, where you design your day in harmony with your goals? Are you able to say “no” to the requests which take you off your goals? Success means balancing our days with purpose driven goals and relaxing with friends & family.


If you go shopping or to a restaurant today, surprise someone by heaping great big piles of praise and compliments on them instead of complaining. You’ll make their day, week, and probably their month. They will go home in a good mood. So the families will be happier, in fact the whole world could be happier, and all because instead of just saying thank you, you raised their vibration by truly appreciating what they do.

Extra Mile

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile”

This goes along with taking the road less traveled. I am definitely a believer of going the extra mile and I wish for you to come along with me! It’s a magical place of dream & goal fulfillment, where you discover that the real benefits come from the journey, & how it has changed you.

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