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Pay It Forward

At 17 yrs old I was planning my wedding and moving to Seattle. I didn’t have a thought about creating an empire or making a difference in the world.

At 17 yrs old Madison is paying it forward partnering with various charities around the world, donating items from her footwear and clothing lines. She also is teaming up with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to support its Saving Animals from Extinction campaign, by donating a portion of every sale to help protect some of the world’s most endangered animals. She is at 17 yrs old, already a well established LemonadeMaker.

What are three things that you would do with your money if you were a teenage millionaire?

When Madison was 7 she came up with designs for flip-flops featuring sea creatures. Her designs in the past 10 years have evolved into entire footwear and clothing lines. With over $1M in sales, she has already has her entire college education paid for.

At 14 yrs old when she saw a Tweet that Nordstrom was looking for new product lines, Robinson wrote a letter to a buyer at the retail giant, which resulted in FishFlops being sold in 64 Nordstrom stores by July of 2012.

I printed an application about a month ago to start writing articles on a pretty major site – it is still in my to do box because of my procrastination about being a “good enough” writer to be on their site. She has inspired me to be more confident in my ideas and dreams and get the dang thing filled out and apply to be approved.


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Stomp Out Bullying

Were you or a close family member bullied, or are they currently being bullied at ‪#‎school‬?

Someone you know could be ‪#‎bullied‬.

Someone you know might be a ‪#‎bully‬.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Marlo Thomas is committed to the belief that no child should EVER be a victim of any type of bullying,,, EVER.

Her program launched in 2005 is having its annual Blue Shirt Day, which raises funds for all of the programs they do with kids and schools. More than 95% of the funds raised are used for the program.

For more information, the website is

No Legs, No Limits

Wow! Truly inspirational‬. Her personal mantra is “no legs, no limits”. Reading her story I realized that my excuses for not being physically fit are pretty lame. What ‪‎limitations‬ are you buying into with your life today?

She isn’t letting what some people call a disability hold her back. She is proving that owning who you are makes you hot. What is holding you back from your dreams today?

There is a personal belief in yourself and your dreams that is definitely in play here. If it is in your heart, and you really feel it, the vision pulls you. There is nothing that will stop you. I read this in someone else’s Facebook posts and really liked it “it is like the sun – you can’t block it, it will shine regardless”. Do you feel that sunshine?

A true ‪‎LemonadeMaker‬, she is redefining the rules around beauty, and she is gorgeous. Kanya Sesser’s goal is to prove that “different” is sexy. She’s been modeling sports brands, bathing suits and personal lingerie since she was 15.

In addition to be being a successful model, she surfs, skateboards, races bikes, and is currently training for the 2018 Winter Paralympics as a mono skier.

She was adopted from an orphanage in Thailand when she was 5 years old. I want to give a shout out to the parents who adopted her. They raised her to be a strong, confident woman who is not afraid of who she is.

“I love showing people what beauty can look like,” she says. “These images show my strength.”



Thank you to all of my wonderful friends who support me year in and year out. I have been reviewing all of the posts on LemonadeMakers since the beginning of January.

It seems to be a buzz word to talk about how much we have grown, and I have said the same thing about my journey the past three years.

As I have been going through each of the posts and printing out the stats for them, I see plainly how much I have grown in what I was posting and writing. It took a few months to find the right voice for LemonadeMakers.

I am not saying that I fully understand what LemonadeMakers fully resonate with, but the past three months we have been growing almost1,000 followers a month. I am still experimenting with the right approach and we will be changing the look and feel of LemonadeMakers in the next 30 days or so.

What I do see is how much we love to see the good in humanity. That there are growing numbers of people who give without thought of recognition or reward, but because they see a need and a means to fill it. Lives are being changed everyday. Part of it is because we are encouraged by sites like LemonadeMakers to go out and do something positive in our daily lives.

If you haven’t checked out our site and liked it, please come over and join us. We are a pretty cool place to connect with other wonderful people. It will put a smile on your face and restore your faith in the human race.



I love the lyrics from the song “We Are Family” by Sisters Sledge and when I hear it, I hear the world singing together in harmony. This is my dream, that these lyrics are being lived in people’s lives around the world.

“Living life is fun and we’ve just begun
To get our share of the world’s delights
High hopes we have for the future
And our goal’s in sight
No, we don’t get depressed
‘Cause here’s what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won’t go wrong
This is our family jewel”



It can be hard to look past the anger and defensiveness we see from others, but what would we see if we looked into their hearts?


Breathe in the Love

This song was composed for LemonadeMakers. It was based on a poem I wrote for my nephews memorial. When tragedy strikes in our lives, it is what is most important. To breathe in the love.





Sometimes I think people forget…





I really think that how each of us lives our lives, is the message that people see.
When you preach something, people may put you up on a pedestal. You become famous, and everyone looks up to as an example, but the problem with that is you are guaranteed to fall off at some time. You can point to anyone who is in the public eye as being famous and see how this happens.

None of us are perfect. It is better to simply live the best life that you can. Keep walking the right path for you, not someone else. When you walk your path, you accomplish your divine destiny. This encourages others to strike out on their own path of divine destiny.

We all came with different goals to accomplish in our lives. When we are hurting, it is because we are not walking the path we came here for. We need to reach inside ourselves and get back on our own path.

To me it is like a pair of shoes. Several of us may have size seven feet, but that doesn’t mean that once I have broken in a pair of shoes that you can walk comfortably in my shoes. My feet will not have the same exact shape, even though we may be the same size. I have a different pattern of walking, and I will mold the shoe to fit my foot. It will then not really “fit” anyone else comfortably who wears a size seven shoe.

In the same way, we each have a different divine gift that we came here to express. If you just follow any path, it will lead to your being hurt. The universe will direct you again and again to the correct path, but if you don’t stay on it, it will hurt. Not that you may necessarily lead a life full of trouble. You would most certainly however, lead an unfulfilled life. And that would hurt, in that you would always be looking for something that you can’t find.

So the best way for us to be fulfilled is to walk our own unique path, and encourage others to walk theirs. There has been a lot of talk lately about what a hero is. To me, we are all hero’s when we step out onto our own path. It takes great courage to walk away from the masses and basically strike out on our own. But that is the inspiring life – both for ourselves and others

Simple Actions

Never doubt that you can change someone’s life with even the simplest action.

His bright idea: to crochet sleeping mats for the homeless using plastic bags from the grocery store. It all snowballed from there.


Kindness is contagious – proof!…/restaurant-workers-act-of-kindne…/721879/